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Thank you for visiting the Kern County Basque Club. We are committed to preserving our rich traditions in Kern County. We hope you enjoy your visit and we look forward to having you participate in our many events throughout the year.

Our KCBC dancers and klika raised the funds needed for their trip to Washington, DC. They were invited to partake in the Smithsonian Folklife Festival this summer(2016). The KCBC is so incredibly proud of these members and their efforts in showing our culture to all those interested in learning. The Basque Country  is not just the region where we all originate, it runs through our blood and is felt with out hearts. Our KCBC members, and youth, make us so proud to be Basque. Here are a couple pictures in front of the Capitol with Kevin McCarthy and a few of our members and participants!

DC pic mccarthy1

DC pic mccarthy

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Currently, there are many activities going on in the Basque community. To find out more, click on a link below
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